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Hello and welcome.

This wiki supports middle and high school computer science students studying IB computer science at the SL and HL levels.

Created and managed by a currently practicing computer science classroom teacher, you are welcomed to participate. If you would like to contribute, please send an email to bill@mackenty.org. Thank you. If you would like to see what has recently changed on this wiki, please click here for recent changes.

Classes.png Our Classes

Course Meets School Room
IB Computer Science SL A High H121
IB Computer Science HL A High H121
Designing Solutions Through Programming B High H121
Design 6 E Middle DesignProduce a plan, simulation or model. Center
Product Design 1 F Middle DesignProduce a plan, simulation or model. Center
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Target.png Big ideas in Computer Science

These are the most important concepts and practices in computer science. They are not in any particular order.

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