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Python programming language[1]

Python is our language of choice as it is the CS introductory programming language in many universities and it is a wonderful learning language. Below are topics related to Python and learning how to program in Python.

Basic ideas

functions in Python

simple lists in Python

managing exceptions in Python

variable scope in Python

modulo in Python

Problem sets


Every problem set is a formative assignment. Please click here to see how you will be graded

Problem Set Difficulty Level Notes
my priorities, my time Average None
chess Expert None
Strings: making HTML tags Average None
simple password rules Average None
date fashion Average None
mean, median, mode and other statistical functions Expert There are three parts to this problem set. 2 are beginner, but 1 is very challenging :-)
Email validator Beginner None
making a small grid Average None
moving around a small grid Average This is the foundation for many possible games you can make in Python!!
Guess a number Average There are easy ways to extend this fun little guessing game
Difficulty Level Key: 
* Beginner: this problem set is good for beginners
* Advanced: this problem set should be challenging 
* Expert: This problem set is very challenging for most students (but it can be solved).

All problem sets have opportunity to exceed standards.