Bounding boxes

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Case study notes[1]


Bounding boxes are imaginary boxes that are around objects that are being checked for collision, like pedestrians on or close to the road, other vehicles and signs. There is a 2D coordinate system and a 3D coordinate system that are both being used.

Bounding box on a road.

In digital image processing, the bounding box is merely the coordinates of the rectangular border that fully encloses a digital image when it is placed over a page, a canvas, a screen or other similar bi-dimensional background.[2]


Bounding boxes are used by cars to identify objects. This helps the car navigate through the world. Here is a example about a car driving around with first a 2D coordinate system then a 3D coordinate system: click here for a youtube clip

Bounding boxes are also used within many video games. In many shooters, they are known as "hit boxes" which is where the player can shoot the enemy to damage them. In the Third picture below, you see the hit boxes of the player in the popular shooter: "CS:GO."

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