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An Introduction to Brute Force

  • Brute force is a method by which malicious attackers try many passwords and passphrase's to correctly guess a victim's credentials. The malicious attacker's programs an algorithm that systematically checks all passwords until the correct one is identified.
  • A brute force attack is a cryptoanalytic attack that theoretically could be used against any type of encryption.
  • Brute force can be very efficient for smaller passwords but VERY inefficient for big passwords. For bigger passwords, dictionary attack's would be more relevant


How does it work practically

  • Let’s say that you have a numberA unit of abstract mathematical system subject to the laws of arithmetic. lock with you. But you forgot the numberA unit of abstract mathematical system subject to the laws of arithmetic.. What are your options to get it open ?

You could try and remember the key, but what if you can’t. Then your probable option is to try each and every combination until the lock finally opens. And that’s basically what brute force is all about. Test each and every possibility until you get your required result.

In terms of programming, the easiest example is that of a linear search where you search for an element in an array by checking each and every element, starting from the first, with the element that you want to find.


Pictures, diagrams

Pictures and diagrams go a LONG way to helping someone understand a topic. Especially if your topic is a little abstract or complex. Using a picture or diagram is a two part process:

  1. upload a file
  2. use the file on a wiki page

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