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In 2017 The American School of Warsaw adopted values to guide our learning.

Classes.png Values

Value How is this value expressed in Computer Science?
Make the whole world your classroom
Look for problems to solve outside of our school. Think big here. Also, know communities outside of school are here to help you and support your learning of computer science. Computer science is everywhere!
Step forward and make things happen. Don't wait.
Especially in Computer Science, you cannot be passive and "just be filled up with computer science" You must be active and engaged in your learning. Just code. Just code. Just code.
Work together.png
Work Together. Because without us all, we're nothing.
Computer Science is a collaborative discipline. Everyone needs to help everyone else. Make sure you are not just a "taker". You must also be a "giver" to a community. What community have you helped today?
Bounce back.png
Bounce back when things don't go your way
YOU WILL STRUGGLE AND FAIL you must learn to fight through your struggle and persevere! Please understand this: computer science is about trying 100 different things until you find the thing that works.
Put the same into life as you put into school
I have very high standards for you. I expect you will work very hard. I also hope you will find things you genuinely love, and do those things as often as you can.