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Programming basics[1]

A conditional statement evaluates an expression and executes instructions depending on the outcome of the evaluation. Conditionals depend on operators to evaluateAssess the implications and limitations; make judgments about the ideas, works, solutions or methods in relation to selected criteria. if an expression is true or false. A condition and selection are not the same thing. A condition asks a question. A selection processes the answer.

With gratitude to and permission from Stephen Hughes (Coe College) and Philip East (University of Northern Iowa)[2], The listGive a sequence of brief answers with no explanation. below is an example of types of conditional questions. You should start thinking about conditions in plain english before you start thinking about operators.

  • Match
  • Threshold
  • Range
  • One-of
  • Not-match
  • Not one of
  • All of
  • Some of
  • Eligible

A video

This video references the C programming language and scratch, but the ideas about conditionals are excellent.


These standards are used from the IB Computer Science Subject Guide[3]

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