Emergency management information system (EMIS)

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Emergency Management Information System (EMIS) is a computer database for disaster response that provides graphical, real-time information to responders.[2]

How does it work or a deeper look

The nature and complexity of emergency management has grown significantly in the past decade. Along with this growth, there is an even greater growth in technological solutions and aids. Computers have been used for emergency planning, regulatory compliance, response to disaster situations, and recovery. Even application forms for disaster assistance have become electronic instruments. [3]

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The Emergency Management Information System (EMIS) in Saudi Red Crescent Commission (SRCC) is a consolidated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that combines emergency centres, and medical dispatch services with modern Geographical Information System (GIS) real-time services (such as address verification, automatic vehicle location, automatic vehicle recommendation and routing, map displays) and online GIS updating to enhance emergency response.[4]

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