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Follow these steps to get started![1]

What you need to do to get started

Exclamation.png Follow ALL these instructions

It is important you follow the instructions below to get yourself setup. If you have any troubles please speak with Mr. MacKenty.

Register with enthought

Enthought is a scientific computing company specializing in Python. Their training videos are amongst the very best I've ever seen.

* The organization must be "American School of Warsaw"
* The email address you use must be your school email address (ending in
* You do not need to provide a phone numberA unit of abstract mathematical system subject to the laws of arithmetic.!
* After you have registered, please check you email and confirm your registration

Download and install canopy

  • You must be logged in to download canopy.

Please watch and learn the following videos

Download Sublime 3

Install Term2, a terminal replacement for the default terminal in OS X

Learn to use the terminal

Start learning how to use midnight commander

Register for our class wiki

Click here to see how you can ensure you will receive an email when a watched page is changed.
  • Register for our class wiki
  • it is important you confirm your email address and make sure you are notified when a "watched" page is changed. This is often how I will communicate with you.

Download and install filezilla

There are times when you will need to transfer large files between systems. Click here to download filezilla.

Understand how to use pastebin

There are many times I will ask you to email code to me. I prefer to use pastebin. Here is the process to use pastebin. Please see below for an animated gif.

  1. Copy the code you want to send me. Ensure your name is NOT anywhere on the code.
  2. Click this link to access pastebin
  3. Choose the correct syntax highlighting (usually php, python or html).
  4. Click create new paste
  5. Copy the URL (after you click create new paste)
  6. Email me the url. My email address is