IB Comp Sci SL - September 15 2016 Lesson Notes

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Class plan.png What are we going to learn today?[edit]

  1. Review homework
  2. Review variables
  3. Forms and HTML
    1. Please click here for the order form
  4. Build pizza ordering form
  5. Build our first REALLY simple web application

Homework.png Homework[edit]

  1. Can you an option for different toppings? There is a very, very difficult part of this, but I'd like for you to try. Hint: arrays.

Target.png How am I being assessed today?[edit]

  1. You will be formatively assessed in class today

Ourstandards.png Standards we are covering today[edit]

  • Define the terms: variable, constant, operator, object.
  • Define the operators =, ≠, <, <=, >, >=, mod, div.
  • Analyze the use of variables, constants and operators in algorithms.
  • Click here for all our standards

Computer1.png As a computer scientist, you have:[edit]

  • Confidence in dealing with complexity
  • Persistence in working with difficult problems
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • The ability to deal with open-ended problems
  • The ability to communicate and work with others to achieve a common goal or solution

Credit.png Credits[edit]