IB Computer Science Year 1 - 13 May 2019 Lesson Notes

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Monday May 13 2019

Learning Targets[edit]

HL students[edit]

  • I can outline OS resource management techniques: scheduling, policies, multitasking, virtual memory, paging, interrupt, polling.
  • I can outline how an operating system hides the complexity of the hardware from users and applications.


Plan for our day[edit]

HL students[edit]

  • please break into groups and answer our question of the day
  • Please restart your computer in verbose mode (hold down V key)
  • please open console.log
    • we will learn and practice reading a console
    • we will learn and practice searching
    • We will learn and practice looking at processes
  • we will learn about process hierarchy
    • parent / child
    • we will visualize processes (activity monitor -> view -> all processes hierarchically)
    • we will update frequency so you can see what your CPU is doing
  • we will watch a video:

  • 5 minute brain break!
  • We will explore file i/o from your disk.
    • sudo fssudo fs_usage -f filesys

SL students[edit]

  • Please carefully follow these instructions and email me a link to your section A. Please look at the exemplar, which is very good.
  • Please carefully follow these instructions and email me a link to your section B.
  • If you are done, please ask a fellow student to look at your work, and assign a grade using the rubric on the above documents.

Question of the day[edit]

How do you manage competition for limited resources?

Thing of the day[edit]

A computer starting up. You can see the VERY FIRST instructions being executed by the operating system.


Computer.png Links for todays class[edit]

Our big idea is Resource management