IB Computer Science Year 1 - 7 May 2019 Lesson Notes

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Tuesday May 7 2019

Learning Targets


  • I can identifyProvide an answer from a number of possibilities. Recognize and state briefly a distinguishing fact or feature. the resources that need to be managed within a computer system.
  • I can evaluateAssess the implications and limitations; make judgments about the ideas, works, solutions or methods in relation to selected criteria. the resources available in a variety of computer systems.

Plan for our day

  • Please break into groups and answer our question of the day
  • Please watch a movie on operating systems
  • Please take a 5 minute break
  • Please tell me how many programs are running on your computer
  • Now really tell me.
  • Now let's learn about activity monitor
    • and RAM
    • and CPU processes
  • now this time I'm serious. How many programs are running on your computer?
  • How much secondary storage do you have?
  • starting to learn how to see what your OS is doing!

Question of the day:

How can you do many things with limited resources?

Thing of the day


Computer.png Links for todays class

Our big idea is Resource management