IB Computer Science Year 2 - November 4 2018 Lesson Notes

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Class plan.png What are we going to learn today?[edit]

Hello Seniors, Welcome back!

  1. I'm into camping a bit more and I learned a cool way to light a fire. If you ask me about it, we can go outside and I'll show you. One of you will need to raise your hand, though, and ask (gasp).
  1. We will discuss our field trip - November 26.
    1. We are going to the central dispatch center in Warsaw
    2. ABSOLUTELY ZERO electronic devices.
    3. You need to fully understand GDPR because you will see last names and you must agree to keep it confidential
    4. You will see the most dangerous areas of Warsaw.

Today we will:

  1. review models
  2. Define the term simulation
  3. Explain the difference between a model and a simulation
  4. Describe rules that process data appropriately and that produce results

Most of the class will be you playing with different simulations and identifying the rules (you think) that are play.

Homework.png What is our home learning?[edit]

  • Please see google classroom

Target.png How am I being assessed today?[edit]

I will assess you formatively today, and make a professional judgement to what extent you understand our learning material. I will use observation, your written work, answers to questions, and contribution to class discussions as data to make my decisions.

I will also ask you to complete a self-assessment which I will use to help me guage how well you think you understand our material in class.

Computer1.png As a computer scientist, you have:[edit]

  • Confidence in dealing with complexity
  • Persistence in working with difficult problems
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • The ability to deal with open-ended problems
  • The ability to communicate and work with others to achieve a common goal or solution

Credit.png Credits[edit]