Multi-layer perceptron (MLP)

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Case studyDevote time and attention to gaining knowledge of (an academic subject), especially by means of books notes[1]


Please write a clear, concise description of your topic here.You will likely reference your introduction from somewhere else. Please use the following syntax at the end of each of your ideas. IT IS CRITICAL YOU ATTRIBUTE others work. Your introduction should be factual. No more than 3 or 4 sentences, please. Because you are not an expert in your topic, I expect you to triangulate your information. LOTS OF LINK TO OTHER RESOURCES PLEASE!

 <ref> the url I cited by material from </ref>

How does it work or a deeper look

  • If you are discussing a THING YOU CAN TOUCH, you must explainGive a detailed account including reasons or causes. how it works, and the parts it is made of. Google around for an "exploded technical diagram" of your thing, maybe like this example of an MRI It is likely you will reference outside links. Please attribute your work.
  • If you are discussing a PROCESS OR ABSTRACT CONCEPT (like fuzzy logic) you must deeply explainGive a detailed account including reasons or causes. how it works.


Please include some example of how your concept is actually used. Your example must include WHERE it is used, and WHAT IS BENEFIT of it being used.

Pictures, diagrams

Pictures and diagrams go a LONG way to helping someone understand a topic. Especially if your topic is a little abstract or complex. Using a picture or diagram is a two part process:

  1. upload a file
  2. use the file on a wiki page

External links

  • It would be helpful
  • to include many links
  • to other internet resources
  • to help fellow students
  • Please make sure the content is good
  • and don't link to a google search results, please