Solving Complex Problems Through Programming - November 27 2018 Lesson Notes

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Class plan.png What are we going to learn today?[edit]


Please build a chatbot for our class.

You will need to think about and design intent.

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?
  2. What are your goals?
  3. Where are you located?
  4. What department are you in?
  5. What industry are you in?
  6. Would you like personal support?

You will need to think about and design how to manage context. Please DO NOT BUILD a stateless chatbot!

If the bot doesn’t use context then it is stateless. It will only respond to the latest user message, disregarding all the history of the conversation.

Homework.png What is our home learning?[edit]

Please refer to google classroom.

Target.png How am I being assessed today?[edit]

I will assess you formatively today, and make a professional judgement to what extent you understand our learning material. I will use observation, your written work, answers to questions, and contribution to class discussions as data to make my decisions.

I will also ask you to complete a self-assessment which I will use to help me guage how well you think you understand our material in class.

Computer1.png As a computer scientist, you have:[edit]

  • Confidence in dealing with complexity
  • Persistence in working with difficult problems
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • The ability to deal with open-ended problems
  • The ability to communicate and work with others to achieve a common goal or solution

Credit.png Credits[edit]

Produce a plan, simulation or model.

The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.

Consider the merits or otherwise of an argument or concept. Opinions and conclusions should be presented clearly and supported with appropriate evidence and sound argument.