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Please tell me about your company. What are you selling, why are you selling, what problem are you solving?

Student Organizer is a program that helps students organize themselves. It tells them the whole plan of the day: what classes they have, when breaks start and end, whether they have advisory, a day off etc. It solves the problem that many students face, especially in schools with a block-schedule system: lack of organization. 

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The Design Cycle, hi-lighting Inquiring and Analyzing

Inquiring and Analyzing[edit]

Explain and justify the need[edit]

This is where I am going to explain and justify the need for my design. Specifically, I am going to:

  • explain the need for a solution to a problem for a client/target audience
Many students don't know what classes in what order they have on Monday after the weekend as a result of the complicated block-schedule system. They never know when the break ends, whether they have advisory etc. A program that would remind them of those things would be really helpful.
  • justifies the need for a solution to a problem for a client/target audience
-The most common question on our squad's group chat is: "what day is it tomorrow?" The person who usually asks that (Fischer) gets called clueless and roasted after asking that question
-Staś always forgets about advisory on Monday and after advisory ends he doesn't know how much break time there's left.
  • describe my client/target audience
This program is designed for students, especially the ones in schools with a block-schedule system like the American School of Warsaw.
  • I will complete this sentence:
I have chosen this problem because I often struggle with the above listed problems myself. My solution will make the world a better place by helping students organize themselves, therefore saving them time and improving their academic performances.

Develop a design brief[edit]

Often times students in ASW or in other schools with a similar schedule system don't know what classes they have at what times, whether they have advisory, an assembly or a day off. I will make a program that tells them all that information every day therefore reducing the level of stress in their lives and making the world a better place.

-- dont worry about stuff below this line yet --

Developing Ideas[edit]

Develop a design spec[edit]

Develop a design idea[edit]

Present the chosen design[edit]

Develop planning drawings or diagrams[edit]

Creating the Solution[edit]

* Construct a logical plan

* Demonstrate technical skills

* Follow the plan to make a solution

* Justify changes made to the plan


* Design testing methods

* Evaluate the success of the solution

* Explain how the solution could be improved

* Explain the impact of the solution


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