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Networksa group or system of interconnected people or things.[1]

The characteristics of different transmission media include:

  • speed
  • reliability
  • cost
  • security

Transmission media include:

  • metal conductor
  • fibre optic
  • wireless

An image to learn about pro's and cons about different networka group or system of interconnected people or things. media

I used this image (a screengrab) from a youtube video by the folks at[2]
Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 13.45.43.png

A good video, which touches more on transmission media and wireless

Some of the videos I show you don't exactly applyUse an idea, equation, principle, theory or law in relation to a given problem or issue. to our learning. This video is EXCELLENT and you should watch it many times.

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These standards are used from the IB Computer Science Subject Guide[3]

  • OutlineGive a brief account. the characteristics of different transmission media.


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