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Hello world!

Mr. MacKenty, a tall computer science teacher.

My name is Mr. MacKenty, and I teach middle and high school (ages 14 to 18) computer science at the American School of Warsaw. I also teach designProduce a plan, simulation or model. in the middle school. As a lifelong geek, I work hard to share my enthusiasm, energy and passion about programming and computers. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a kid "get it". I've served as a senior leader in educational technology, and worked for many years in educational technology. What really floats my boat is teaching and coding.

I am a web-application developer, specializing in creating customized web-based applications that provide superb service. I develop and administrate on the LAMP stack, and I am experienced using Expression Engine, a full featured content management system. I prefer designing solutions with PHP using best practices to deliver quality products.

I am a middle school assistant swim coach. This is a new venture for me.

I am insatiably curious, devoted to learning, never satisfied, and always looking to improve. I am especially interested in supporting inclusivity in computer science. I have a website which has a bit more information about me here.

phone : +48 794 333 673
email :
skype: bill.mackenty
twitter:  #bmackenty