What is a good design brief

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A design brief is part of the design process. A design plan is the last step in the Inquiring and Analyzing part of the design cycle. After this step in the design cycle, you will move to the Developing Ideas part of the design cycle. You might need to go back and forth.

The Design Cycle, hi-lighting Inquiring and Analyzing

Design Brief[edit]

The Design Brief is a short statement of what you are going to make, why you are going to make it, and for whom you are making it for. It should be an open ended statement. Here is a checklist you can use to evaluate your design brief:

  • I have clearly described what I am going to make
  • I have clearly described why I am going to make this product
  • I have clearly described who I am going to make this for

For example; a clock project.

A good Design Brief might be something like this[edit]

"Teenagers have very busy lives. School, family and social activities mean that being punctual is very important. I will design and make a wall clock that will be appealing for teenage girls. It will be a modern design and will be suitable for a teenage girl's bedroom. Because the design will appeal to teenage girls, them they will be more likely to look at it, read the time and therefore not be late.

A poor example would be something like this[edit]

" I will make a football clock from plastic and print out pictures of players to use as the numbers."[1]


Produce a plan, simulation or model.

Produce a plan, simulation or model.

Assess the implications and limitations; make judgments about the ideas, works, solutions or methods in relation to selected criteria.