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Case study[1]


This page will help you organize and understand the 2019 case study.

The case study[edit]

Click here for the full pdf case study

Terms worth deeply understanding[edit]

These articles have been written by students. Any article with a green checkmark Approved has been approved by a teacher and can be used reliably to study.

Application programming interface (API) Client side random Cluster Cluster of servers Commercial software Computer aided dispatch (CAD) Cookies Custom software Emergency control centre (ECC) Emergency management information system (EMIS) Emergency number Failover Future-proof Global positioning system (GPS) HTTP or HTTP/2 Load balancing algorithm Multitier architecture Proxy server Real-time Redundancy Representational state transfer (REST) Scalability / scalable architecture Safety-critical Session Session IP hash Session management Socket Source IP hash Stateful / stateless / maintaining state TCP/IP sockets Transaction processing system (TPS) URL rewriting Virtual private network (VPN) Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) Weighted round robin Zero downtime

Previous years case study[edit]


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