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Exclamation.png This is one of the most important ideas you can take with you:

If you design a project well, you will save yourself from MANY HOURS OF PAINFUL changes later on

In general terms, the design process is used to take an idea and turn it into a result. There are many different ways to do this. The design process usually helps you get very specific about what you want to create.

The MYP design cycle is a process to help you do your work by following certain steps. The system is useful and easy to understand because it guides you through the steps of how to do your project. The design cycle starts with an INVESTIGATION and follows with PLANNING, CREATING and then EVALUATING. [1]


Design diagram[edit]

The diagram below shows the different parts of the MYP design cycle. I like this design because it shows there is often a "back and forth" between thinking about an idea and planning the idea.

This is a design cycle. It has four parts that have smaller parts.