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Follow these steps to get started![1]

What you need to do to get started[edit]

Please carefully follow these directions.

Register with enthought[edit]

Enthought is a scientific computing company specializing in Python. Their training videos are amongst the very best I've ever seen.

* The organization must be "American School of Warsaw"
* The email address you use must be your school email address (ending in
* You do not need to provide a phone number!
* After you have registered, please check you email and confirm your registration

Download and install canopy[edit]

  • You must be logged in to download canopy.

Please watch and learn the following videos[edit]

It is very normal to feel a little confused at first[edit]

  • In fact, This is evidence your brain is growing!! Please don't feel nervous.

Download Sublime 3[edit]

Register for our class wiki[edit]

  • there are few things