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This a problem set for you to work through [1]

This is a problem set. Some of these are easy, others are far more difficult. The purpose of these problems sets are:

  1. to build your skill applying computational thinking to a problem
  2. to assess your knowledge and skills of different programming practices

What is this problem set trying to do[edit]

We are using slicing in a string to solve a fun problem.

The Problem[edit]

A palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward, such as taco cat, madam, racecar, or the number 10801.

Write a program which takes in a number or word and outputs if that number or phrase is a palindrome. The output should be "True" if the input is a palindrome or "False" if it is not a palindrome.

How you will be assessed[edit]

Your solution will be graded using the following axis:


  • To what extent does your code implement the features required by our specification?
  • To what extent is there evidence of effort?


  • To what extent did your code meet specifications?
  • To what extent did your code meet unit tests?
  • To what extent is your code free of bugs?


  • To what extent is your code written well (i.e. clearly, efficiently, elegantly, and/or logically)?
  • To what extent is your code eliminating repetition?
  • To what extent is your code using functions appropriately?


  • To what extent is your code readable?
  • To what extent is your code commented?
  • To what extent are your variables well named?
  • To what extent do you adhere to style guide?


A possible solution[edit]

Click the expand link to see one possible solution, but NOT before you have tried and failed!

Thank you to Max for this elegant solution! 

a = input("Enter word that might be palindrome: ")
a = a.join(' ')
if a[::-1] == a:
    print("It's a palindrome!")
    print("It's not a palindrome!")