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Every problem set is a formative assignment. Please click here to see how you will be graded

Problem Set Difficulty Level Notes
my priorities, my time Average None
chess Expert None
Strings: making HTML tags Average None
simple password rules Average None
date fashion Average None
mean, median, mode and other statistical functions Expert There are three parts to this problem set. 2 are beginner, but 1 is very challenging :-)
Email validator Beginner None
making a small grid Average None
moving around a small grid Average This is the foundation for many possible games you can make in Python!!
Guess a number Average There are easy ways to extend this fun little guessing game
Difficulty Level Key: 
* Beginner: this problem set is good for beginners
* Advanced: this problem set should be challenging 
* Expert: This problem set is very challenging for most students (but it can be solved).

All problem sets have opportunity to exceed standards.