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Exclamation.png This wiki is in summer-construction mode. I make every effort to keep links to content the same.

The important upcoming change is ALL course-related content (class meeting times, day-to-day class notes) will be removed and the ONLY purpose for this wiki will be to organize information about high school computer science, including IB computer science and MYP design programming. All course organizational information will move to Computer Science Learning.

This wiki supports the learning of high school computer science. Specificially, IB Standard Level and Higher Level Computer Science (years 1 and 2) and two computational design courses, Designing solutions through programming (aka introduction to programming) and Solving complex problems through programming (aka advanced programming).

Target.png Big ideas in Computer Science[edit]

These are the most important concepts and practices for our high school computer science course. They are not in any particular order.

Core Topics[edit]

Interesting Topics[edit]

Classes.png Classes[edit]

Course Meets Room
Year 1 SL IB Computer Science Block 2 H121
Year 1 HL IB Computer Science Block 2 H121
Year 2 SL IB Computer Science Block 4 H121
Year 2 HL IB Computer Science Block 4 H121
Designing Solutions Through Programming Block 6 Block 6 H121
Designing Solutions Through Programming Block 8 Block 8 H121
Solving Complex Problems Through Programming Block 3 H121
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Calendar.png Calendars and schedules[edit]

Computer.png Resources[edit]

  • Getting started Everything you need to KNOW and DO in order to get started.

Credit.png Credits[edit]

Produce a plan, simulation or model.