Gathering information for solutions

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System Fundamentals[1]

Once you understand what a user wants (their requirements), you must begin researching possible solutions. This page describes different techniques you might use to research a suitable system. These research techniques should be used in conjunction with each other. Please don't use one single method for finding a suitable system.


Once you know a customers requirements, it's time to investigate solutions. Below is a list of different techniques you might use to look for a system which meets the customers needs.

  • Examining current systems
  • Examining competing products
  • Organizational capabilities (Does the company have people who could make this solution? This is different than current systems, which is just a "thing". Organizational capability is the capacity to use (or leverage) that existing system for a solution).
  • Literature searches

Real-world practical advice[edit]

I've seen a system administrator take a look at the requirements and get exactly the wrong system.


These standards are used from the IB Computer Science Subject Guide[2]

  • Describe appropriate techniques for gathering the information needed to arrive at a workable solution.


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