IB Computer Science Year 1 - 9 May 2019 Lesson Notes

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Thursday May 9 2019

Learning Targets[edit]

HL students[edit]

  • I can identify the limitations of a range of resources in a specified computer system.
  • I can describe the possible problems resulting from the limitations in the resources in a computer system.
  • I can describe virtual memory


Plan for our day[edit]

HL students[edit]

SL students[edit]

  • Please carefully follow these instructions and email me a link to your section A. Please look at the exemplar, which is very good.
  • If you are done, please ask a fellow student to look at your work, and assign a grade using the rubric on the above document.

Question of the day[edit]

What actually happens when your computer runs out of memory?

Thing of the day[edit]


Computer.png Links for todays class[edit]

Our big idea is Resource management