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The following are all ways of communicating with me:

Method Advantages Disadvantages
Speak to me in person You can gauge my reaction to an initial idea. This method is good for quick, yes/no questions. I'll tell you if your question isn't quick to answer. Most problems are complex. It takes time to understand them and solve them.
Send me an email In-depth questions, with evidence that you have followed our guide to asking good questions will get replies. Messages are private. I don't respond to emails very quickly, and if your question is complex, it will take me more time to answer it. Also, if there is a lot of back-and-forth between us about your question, emails might make it hard to follow.
Ask a question in our class discussion board Other people can learn from your question. Other people can help answer your question. Messages are threaded and topics are organized logically. You can quote code samples and include attachments. Answers to your questions might take a bit longer, especially if they are complex.
Ask a question in discord server I'm still getting used to discord. I think messages are like a "facebook stream". I think the real value of discord is messages are instant, and you can easily add animated gifs. We can have bots to interact with common questions and answers. Messages can get lost if a discord server is busy. Quoting code isn't straightforward.
Ask a question on google classroom Don't try to communicate with me on google classroom. It won't work. Don't try to communicate with me on google classroom. It won't work.
Ask a question on a wiki talk page. If you ask a question about the topic on a wiki talk page, I will respond. I REALLY LIKE it when people try to make our classroom wiki better. However, I don't always check our wiki and your comment might get lost.