Designing Solutions Through Programming block 1 Lesson Notes - December 15 2017

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Target.png Our Big Idea[edit]

The function of every web application system is to accept data, process data and output information. Effective design of interdependent components results in useful function.

Class plan.png What are we going to learn today?[edit]

Hello Class!

By the end of class you should say:

To Review[edit]

  • I can describe a database
  • I can describe why people use database
  • I can outline table, row and column
  • I can describe types of data which can fit into a database
  • I can connect to my database through a web-based tool
  • I can create a table named users
  • I can describe how the file login_test.php works
  • I can describe how the file database.php works

To learn[edit]

  • I can create a more organized file structure using "includes"

Homework.png What is our homework?[edit]

  • none

Target.png How am I being assessed today?[edit]

I will assess you formatively today, and make a professional judgement to what extent you understand our learning material. I will use observation, your written work, answers to questions, and contribution to class discussions as data to make my decisions. I normally record my observations in a "evidence of learning" spreadsheet, which I will happily share with you privately if you so wish. I usually need a day or two notice.

Computer1.png As a computer scientist, you have:[edit]

  • Confidence in dealing with complexity
  • Persistence in working with difficult problems
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • The ability to deal with open-ended problems
  • The ability to communicate and work with others to achieve a common goal or solution

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