Effectiveness of test-cases in a specified situation

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Modeling & Simulation[1]

In this case, we are asking if the test-case effectively measured the model.

Example: A teenager[edit]

I want to model a teenager. I hope to use this model to help teenagers grow into happier, more successful human beings. I know this is a huge idea, as everyone has a different idea of success and happiness. However, I am certain I can choose the right variables and create a model.

Imagine I had a model of a teenager. Right now, I'm thinking of the following variables:

  1. physical health (1 to 100)
    1. exercise
    2. sport
    3. diet
    4. sleep
    5. substance / smoking use
  2. mental health (1 to 100)
    1. academic engagement
  3. emotional health (1 to 100)
    1. mood swings
    2. manage emotions
    3. emotional intelligence
  4. meaningful social connections (1 to 100)
  5. family stability (1 to 100)
  6. environment safety / stability (1 to 100)
  7. meaning in life (1 to 100)
  8. active in community (1 to 100)
  9. meaningful goals (1 to 100)
  10. fun / laughter (1 to 100)

I create a few models and then I design a test for the teenagers. I interview them a few years after they graduate and ask them if they are happy and successful. Would this be a good test?


  • Discuss the effectiveness of a test-case in a specified situation.