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This a problem set for you to work through [1]

This is a problem set. Some of these are easy, others are far more difficult. The purpose of these problems sets are:

  1. to build your skill applying computational thinking to a problem
  2. to assess your knowledge and skills of different programming practices

What is this problem set trying to do[edit]

This problem set is helping you learn pseudocode and think computationally.

The Problem[edit]

  1. A one dimensional array exists with the interests. The interests are stored in an array.
  2. A two dimension array exists with a userid and the interests associated with that userid.
  3. In the code sample below, we can see that user id 1 is interested in 2,5,3, and 4. User id 2 is interested in 6 and 7.
  4. We make an assumption that if two people are interested in the same thing, they might have a higher chance of becoming friends than if they didn't share interests.
interests = ["basketball","dancing","video games","crafts","music","eating","cooking","hanging out","football"]
people_and_their_interests = [[1,[2,5,3,4]],[2,[6,7]],[3,[8,0,2]],[4,[3,7,8]],[5,[7,4,8]],[6,[3,5,7,8]]]
  1. Construct a python algorithm which will find friend matches based on similar interest.

Unit Tests[edit]

  • Input: the arrays interests and people_and_their_interests
  • Expected output:
  1. user 1 could be friends with user(s): 3,6
  2. user 2 could be friends with user(s): 4,5,6
  3. user 3 could be friends with user(s): 4,5,6
  4. (etc) for all the users

Hacker Version[edit]

Please add output which shows interests and userid. For example,

  • basketball: 3
  • dancing:
  • video games: 1,3
  • crafts: 1,4,6
  • (etc...)

How you will be assessed[edit]

Your solution will be graded using the following axis:


  • To what extent does your code implement the features required by our specification?
  • To what extent is there evidence of effort?


  • To what extent did your code meet specifications?
  • To what extent did your code meet unit tests?
  • To what extent is your code free of bugs?


  • To what extent is your code written well (i.e. clearly, efficiently, elegantly, and/or logically)?
  • To what extent is your code eliminating repetition?
  • To what extent is your code using functions appropriately?


  • To what extent is your code readable?
  • To what extent is your code commented?
  • To what extent are your variables well named?
  • To what extent do you adhere to style guide?


A possible solution[edit]

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