Input devices for the collection of data

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The input device you use will depend on the requirement.

Analog and Digital[edit]

Sensor types[edit]

Please read this article for a pretty good example of different input devices

The following are some sensors with explanation and example uses:

  • Heat: measures temperature, e.g. central heating, fire alarm
  • Humidity: measures water vapour in the air, e.g. greenhouses, swimming pool halls
  • Infra-red: measures heat (a type of radiation), e.g. security alarm systems
  • Light: brightness, e.g. security lights
  • pH: acidity levels, e.g. environmental monitoring
  • Pressure: force applied on the sensor, e.g. automatic doors, alarm systems
  • Smoke: particles in the air, e.g. fire alarm
  • Sound: sound pressure level, e.g. noise pollution monitoring, voice controlled systems, alarm systems
  • Tilt: angle of tilt, e.g. aircrafts, alarm systems installed in windows
  • Touch: more sensitive than pressure/detects contact, e.g. robots


  • Evaluate different input devices for the collection of data in specified situations.