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Internal Assessment[1]


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The Internal Assessment component (IA) accounts for 30% of the Standard Level grade and 20% of the Higher Level Grade. There are a maximum of 34 marks to be earned.

The IA consists out of 5 parts and can be no longer than 2000 words (excluding any appendixes & footnotes/bibliographies). The video can be no longer than 7 minutes.

  • Criterion A – Planning – 6 marks
  • Criterion B – Record of Tasks (RoT) and Design – 6 marks
  • Criterion C – Development – 12 marks
  • Criterion D – Functionality (Video) – 4 marks
  • Criterion E – Evaluation – 6 marks

Helpful links[edit]


Exemplars are available from your teacher

The Solution[edit]

The requirement of the internal assessment is to develop a solution for a specified client to a specified problem or an unanswered question.

Example of previous IA topics[edit]

  • Interactive fiction creator
  • Personal budget tool
  • A web-based program that finds the best price for a food item in Warsaw. Limit food choices to 25 items.
  • A web-based program to manage exercise goals, exercise targets
  • a web based php text-based game
  • A locally-installed python script that perfroms network analysis tool that helps users clearly understand what might be wrong with a network connection application snooper (little snitch)
  • Arranging meeting time with counselors using google calendar API
  • A web-based program to automatically creates brackets for clubs and team events
  • A web-based program that makes scheduling free time with a teacher easier.
  • A google chrome extension that tracks how much time is wasted by a user
  • A web-based program to help students understand what school they might be accepted to with their GPA
  • A game to help users who are using assistive technologies
  • An event management system
  • tool to allocate billable hours
  • Application to analyze facial type
  • Sorting program for shoes
  • Application to help me with habits
  • A program for roomate best-fit algorithm
  • Application to help teachers remember students
  • An inventory management system
  • Application to make a computer science search engine
  • Application to help people manage event
  • Application to rationally play hearthstone
  • Application for facial recognition to make eye shadow

Key terms[edit]

  • The term “solution” refers to all the work submitted by the student for the internal assessment; the term “product” refers to the completed software only. The product is a subset of the solution.
  • The terms “developer” and “student” are synonymous.
  • The term “client” refers to the person for whom the product is being developed.
  • The term “adviser” refers to a third party the student must identify to assist him or her in the development of the product.

3 scenarios in developing a product[edit]

  1. The student is developing the product for a third party who is the client and also acts as the adviser.
  2. The student is developing the product for a third party who is the client. Another person acts as the adviser.
  3. The student is the client (developing the product for himself or herself). An appropriate adult must act as the adviser.

Requirements of the solution[edit]

Word count[edit]

Bullet list of success criteria is not included in overall word count. However, if bullet list contains an extended writing, then that text will be included in word count.
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