Levels of knowing (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)

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Grading, assessment, and knowing[1]


When you see a standard in this course, you might also see the word "Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3" next to it. Level refers to how deeply you need to understand something. Please below for the actual list of learning verbs, Most learning verbs should be defined. Hover your mouse over a word to see the definition. This is formally known as a command term.

The objective level associated with each command term indicates the depth of treatment for a given assessment statement.[2]

  • Level 1: classify, define, draw, label, list, state
  • Level 2: annotate, apply, calculate, describe, design, distinguish, estimate, identify, outline, present, trace
  • Level 3: analyse, comment, compare, compare and contrast, construct, contrast, deduce, demonstrate, derive, determine, discuss, evaluate, examine, explain, formulate, interpret, investigate, justify, predict, sketch, suggest, to what extent

PDF reference[edit]

How the IB marks questions[edit]

If your first two answers are wrong, and your second two answers are correct, you will earn zero marks.

Question: State the factors which influence the speed of a network [2]

Example Answer 1:

  1. Time of day <- correct
  2. cable quality <- correct
  3. if my cat is happy <- incorrect
  4. If my mom is cooking <- incorrect

For example answer 1, you will get 2 marks.

Example Answer 2:

  1. if my cat is happy <- incorrect
  2. If my mom is cooking <- incorrect
  3. Time of day <- correct
  4. cable quality <- correct

For example answer 2, you will get zero marks.