Three-dimensional use of visualization

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Modeling & Simulation[1]

Helpful links[edit]

  1. This is good video to help you understand visualization:
    1. We can use three dimensional visualization to see the relationship between word meaning
  2. This is solar exploration:
    1. We can use three dimensional visualization to understand objects of huge scale (and very small scale)
  3. Please look at this 3D model:
  4. Please look at this 3D model:
  5. Please look at this 3D model:

Some test questions and answers[edit]

  • Outline a situation where 2D visualization would be more appropriate than 3D visualization.
    • For example, a map showing the journey from one point to another;
    • When only the route needs to be shown on a phone or otherwise;
    • As 3D version could take up too much space;
    • If no internet connection would be too slow;

An artist is planning to create a statue, but decides to do some planning before she starts.

  • Outline the advantages, to the artist, of using a computer aided design (CAD) and graphic processing software for 3D modelling, instead of a series of sketches drawn by hand, to experiment with designs.
    • A series of sketches could show the design from a limited number of angles; Whereas the CAD system would allow an initial wire frame to be constructed which could be rotated;
    • Changes could be (easily) made and the effect of the 3D shape from other angles seen immediately;
    • Easy to undo a change to the model, rather than erase part of the sketch;
    • Easy to scale the design;
    • CAD files are less likely to get damaged than physical drawings;
    • Note: Do not accept vague statements like “CAD is more precise”.


  • Identify a three-dimensional use of visualization.