Problem Sets

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Problem sets

Problem sets are designed to challenge you to apply your knowledge of computer science. Problem sets can be completed in many different programming languages. All problem sets are calculated as summative grades. Click here to understand how problem sets are assessed

Problem Set Difficulty Level Notes
Example Problem Set Average None
Sentiment analysis Average None
Genetic algorithm - timetable Difficult Please review Genetic Algorithms
Recognize an image Difficult None
Modelling a simple system Average Part 1, creating a model of an ant
Modelling and simulating a more complex system Average Part 2, creating a model of an ant
CPU simulation Average This is a computer organization problem set
Contact tracing: part 1 Average This is a system design problem-set
Greatest common denominator Average None
Contact tracing: part 2 Average None
Probability problem Average None
Testing schedule Average None
Random name generator Average None
Rotate array Average None
Recurring letter Beginner None
Middle letter Beginner None
Url shortener Beginner None
Shortest word Beginner None
Factorial Beginner None
Classic warm up! Beginner None
Towers of Hanoi Difficult None
Do these numbers add up? Average None
Palindrome Average None
A compression problem Average None
Convert from plain text to ascii Average None
Convert to binary from base-10 Average None
Sport team lockers! Average None
Parking garage problem Average This solution is in pseudocode
Dice rolling Average None
Modeling and Simulation - naughty or nice Average None
Reverse list of last names Average None
Find the spelling errors Difficult This is for advanced students only
Add numbers in a collection Beginner None
Friend finder Difficult None
Game of Life Average This is a classic!
Extract text from a PDF Difficult None
Leaderboard Average None
tic tac toe Average None
In Flight Entertainment Average None
Use google API to recognize an image Difficult None
11th grade retreat Average None
Facial recognition Expert None
Bracket validator Average None
Select a random student Average None
Create an email address from a name Average None
No more than 3 exams Difficult None
Secret Santa Average None
my priorities, my time Average None
chess Difficult None
Strings: making HTML tags Average None
simple password rules Average None
mean, median, mode and other statistical functions Difficult There are three parts to this problem set. 2 are beginner, but 1 is very challenging :-)
Email validator Beginner None
making a small grid Average None
moving around a small grid Average This is the foundation for many possible games you can make in Python!!
Guess a number Average There are easy ways to extend this fun little guessing game
Simple calculator Beginner None
Difficulty Level Key: 
* Beginner: this problem set is good for beginners
* Advanced / Difficult: this problem set should be challenging 
* Expert: This problem set is very challenging for most students (but it can be solved).