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This wiki supports learning of high school computer science.[edit]

This wiki specifically targets IB Computer Science Standard Level and Higher Level (years 1 and 2) including options for web science and modeling and simulation. Additionally, this wiki supports learning for two computational design courses, Designing solutions through programming (aka introduction to programming) and Solving complex problems through programming (aka advanced programming). Both courses are MYP design courses.

Specific course related information can be found at this link

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Core Topics Courses
System fundamentals IB Computer science SL and HL
Computer organization IB Computer science SL and HL
Networks IB Computer science SL and HL
Computational thinking & problem-solving IB Computer science SL and HL, Introduction to Programming, Advanced Programming
Programming IB Computer science SL and HL, Introduction to Programming, Advanced Programming. There are also advanced topics within this topic
Abstract data structures IB Computer science HL, Advanced Programming
Resource management IB Computer science HL
Control IB Computer science HL
Web Science IB Computer science SL and HL
Modeling and Simulation IB Computer science SL and HL

Other Topics Description
What is computer science An overview of computer science
Development The tactical process of designing software
Design The strategic process of designing software
Asking for Help #lifeskill
Debugging If you learn to solve your own problems, life will be much easier for you.

Produce a plan, simulation or model.